How To Fix Your Electrolux Front Load Perfect Steam Washer Drum

May 27, 2020
Washer Repair

Electrolux is undoubtedly one of the top washer brands on the market, and the 4.4 cu. ft. front load perfect steam washer with SmartBoost technology is one of the most popular models. While it is voted as the world’s #1 dispenser for PODs, the model can still encounter the same functional faults as any other washer. Problems with the drum are arguably the most stressful of all.

Unlike some faults that can be treated at the next convenient moment, a drum that fails to spin must be fixed immediately. After all, the washer cannot function without this part. Here’s all you need to know about some of the most frequent causes, along with the best washer repair fixes.

Fault 1: Blockages

Turn off your Electrolux washer and try turning the drum manually by hand. If you are able to do this but feel a lot of resistance due to stiffness, it’s possible that the drum’s natural path of movement is obstructed. Even a relatively small debris can cause a blockage that impacts the function.

In truth, this is unlikely to be the cause, but it’s always worth checking as you may get lucky. Besides, a stiff drum may also help diagnose damaged bearings or motors.

Fault 2: The Drive Belt

Drive belt problems are another common issue. If spinning the Electrolux drum results in a quicker and longer spin due to reduced resistance, the drive belt may have detached itself from the motor. Another telltale sign is that the drum makes a different sound. When this happens, you should;

  • Unplug the machine and remove the back panel to inspect the drive belt.
  • Check the condition of the drive belt and replace it with a new Electrolux drive belt if required.
  • Try refitting the drive belt (new or old) to see if this fixes the issue.

When fitting a drive belt to the motor, it’s important to ensure that it’s tight enough You should be able to pluck it, but with some resistance to create a pluck sound as it flicks back into place. However, it should be noted that drive belts rarely fall off when they are in good condition. If the drive belt was worn out and needed replacing, this job may be enough to solve the problem. If, however, it was in perfect health and the machine has been noisy, it’s likely that the bearings have collapsed.

Fault 3: The Bearings

Bearings rust. Unfortunately, this is an unavoidable situation linked to water seeping through the seal. Even a high-quality model like the Electrolux 4.4 cu. ft. front load perfect steam washer with SmartBoost can suffer this outcome over time.

New bearings and fittings will often solve the problems, especially if the drum, motor, and drive belt are in good health. While the replacement items are inexpensive, it’s important to ensure that they are correctly aligned. RPS Repair can complete this task on your behalf while also checking the seal around the washer drum and door.

Fault 4: The Motor

When the stainless steel drum of the Electrolux model won’t work even when the above features are in good health, it’s almost certain that a faulty motor is the cause of your problem. Carbon brushes often become worn and dirty over time, collecting excessive dust and affecting the motor’s overall performance.

When you inspect the carbon brushes, you may notice;

  • A charred, black, sooty appearance.
  • Visibly damaged fibers.
  • Sparking from inside the motor.

All of the above symptoms can be associated with damaged carbon brushes. However, this might not be the only cause for problems with the Electrolux motor. You can check the connections and motor plugs to rule out simple faults. If these steps fail to correct the issue, a professional diagnostic courtesy of an appliance repair engineer is advised. An RPS Repair technician can do this in an effective fashion before advising you on the best course of action.

Replacement Is The Last Option

The drum is one of the most important parts of any washer. Despite this, along with the fact that the Electrolux model utilizes a large drum suited to the large capacity volume, the faults are often attributed to relatively simple issues that can be rectified quickly and at an affordable price.

Replacing your Electrolux washer with another model may be the right option when your product is still under warranty. In most scenarios, though, repair jobs are likely to provide the fastest, cheapest, and most convenient answer. To find out more, get in touch today!


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